Bruce Butcher

What is Animal Communication?

Tell a wise person or else keep silent. – Goethe

Animal Communication is the ability to mentally converse with an animal — asking questions and receiving answers. This gift came to me after a transformational experience a few years ago. My curiosity led me to cultivate and utilize this ability to benefit Animals. I honestly never dreamt this would happen to me – I feel this is a gift and responsibility given to me by the Great Mystery called life. The Scientific world is just beginning to explain and utilize the underlying mechanisms of electromagnetic patterns discharged as one’s thought processes. Meanwhile, I continue to utilize my sensitivities to improve relationships between humans and animals. Many of the students who come to my workshops, and perhaps you, have had the experience of an animal staring elephantat you trying desperately to tell you something that you just couldn’t get. There is a way to connect.

First, understand that we are socialized to believe that animals are less intelligent than we are. It is humans that constructed the scale to measure intelligence and guess which specie is on top? One of my early, and constant, lessons is that animals consistently disconnect communications the minute we present ourselves as superior beings. I’ve learned that an attitude of respect for all beings as equal and interdependent is vital to keeping the door to communication open.

Secondly, the animal kingdom exists within nature and therefore follows the Law of Necessity. That is to say, animal behavior is motivated by necessity — they do not engage in unnecessary activity (like getting a suntan or their hair styled). On the other hand, the human world encourages and socializes us to desire the unnecessary. Our innate ability to connect with animals is clouded by our different motivation and perspective.

To communicate with an animal one learns to shift their perspective and connect to the animal’s essence. It is not necessary to be present with the animal to communicate in this way. I use this process to speak with animals currently alive as well as those who have died. It works with all animals. The information received during these sessions can help to clarify issues regarding behavior, health, motives, and existence. I am happy to help bring a voice to your animal and deepen the relationship you share.

Note: No modality described here is a substitute for proper Medical or Veterinary diagnosis and/or treatment.