Bruce Butcher


The 4 Magical Keys to Help Animals Cope with Change 
By Bruce Butcher

Whether we’re talking about a horse, cat, dog or elephant a change in living situation can trigger the reappearance of old negative habits and behavioral regression as they strive to cope and preserve the meaningful principles by which they live. It is our hope and desire that we, and our animals, adjust well to new living situations. How does the animal view a move to a new house or barn? What do they think when Grandma comes to live with the family? What happens when their favorite child grows up and leaves for college? What helps them when there is a birth, death or divorce in the family? By addressing and/or establishing 4 internal anchors the animal settles and adjusts in the most seamless manner possible.  Read more >>>

Shifting your Perspective – Deepening your Connection

by Bruce Butcher

It is my belief that there exists a “third language,” the language of telepathy, which the animals can use to communicate their thoughts and feelings. This language appears to be part of a Universal energy that interpenetrates and is woven through all of creation and all living things. When I contact an animal, I am connected to the eternal living presence of that individual.

It makes no difference whether I am physically present with the animal, whether the animal is sleeping, or whether the animal is in physical form. The conversation takes place in the subtle energy frequencies to which most humans are not attuned.  Read More >>>

Dogs, Cats, Humans – Who’s in charge?!
By Bruce Butcher

How often have you tried to figure out how to make them all get along? Anyone who’s ever tried presenting a well-reasoned, insightful argument to the dog who plays with the yelping cat by chasing, knocking it down and clubbing with its paws knows that the human way of thinking doesn’t apply to other species. What is the common language and how can Animal Communication help when we run a household of three different species – dog, cat & human?  Read more >>>

The 5 types of Animal Communication

by Bruce Butcher

If you are living with an animal, you are, in some fashion, already communicating. It may be that you have trained the animal, or that the animal has trained you. Nevertheless, the two of you have worked out a functional system of some sort. Perhaps you have studied your animal’s natural behavior patterns or how it uses body postures to communicate. Your observations and conclusions are then used to decode the animal’s motives.  Read more >>>

Craniosacral Therapy

“Things that are real are given and received in silence.” – Unknown

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a gentle non-invasive technique that is based on the principle that our bodies know how to heal themselves. The practitioner listens to the body through palpation, then allows or introduces movement which will release restrictions. Restrictions are caused by physical or emotional traumas held in cellular memory. For instance, neck injuries from a car accident are locked into the body. So are sports injuries, accidental falls or birth complications such as forceps deliveries. Emotional traumas are also stored. The events are essentially ‘frozen’ into our bodies until they are releasedRead more >>>

Reiki Healing
by Bruce Butcher

ReikiReiki is a generic Japanese word used to describe many types of healing and spiritual work.
The knowledge that an unseen energy, Ki, flows through all living things and is connected directly to the quality of health has been part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. The existence of this “life force energy” has been verified by recent scientific experiments, and medical doctors are considering the role it plays in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process. Ki is present all around us and can be accumulated and guided by the mind. Ki is the life force. It is also called the vital life force or the universal life force. This is the nonphysical energy that animates all living things.  Read more >>>

Scientists Proclaim Animal and Human Consciousness the Same

A remarkable thing happened at The First Annual Francis Crick Memorial Conference held at the University of Cambridge, July 7 in U.K. A group of prominent neuroscientists signed a proclamation declaring human and animal consciousness alike. Called The Cambridge Declaration of Consciousness, it states:  Read more >>>

Animal Stories

The Story of Olaf
by Bruce Butcher

I first met Helen when I was still working at the hospital. A nurse anesthetist, she lived with her two dogs and had begun taking riding lessons from a facility a few miles from her home. The barn’s main focus was the boarding and training of hunter-jumper horses, their people and the public. After a few lessons, Helen began to notice a skinny old horse that always seemed to be in his stall. He was friendly enough toward people, but few humans ever showed any interest in Olaf. My interaction with Olaf and Helen highlighted the importance of clarifying an animal’s message before arriving at a conclusion.
Olaf was 30 years old, and though he had been a champion performer in his day, those days were long past.  Read more >>>

The Story of Zima Zima
by Bruce Butcher

I met Zima when he was just a puppy. Already I could see this Australian Shepherd was very intelligent, perhaps too intelligent to live well with humans. Zima lived with Brian, a lieutenant with an area fire department and Jayne, a medical office manager, and their cat, Samson. We began training with Zima right away so he could learn to direct his energy in a manner functional to his human family. Brian, Jayne and Zima proved to be very good students; however, Zima was using his intelligence to think circles around his people. He always seemed to be trying to get a step ahead of his people. When the dog begins training the humans, it usually indicates trouble for the human partners until they are able to think and act at the dog’s speed.  Read more >>>

The Story of Guido
by Bruce Butcher

There once was a young dog named Guido… actually he was an adult Italian Greyhound named Guido. His person called me to help her with a housetraining situation. At the time, I was just beginning to utilize this communicator ability in my business as a dog behavioral consultant. Prior to arriving at the client’s home, I would contact the animal telepathically to get a sense of what was happening from its perspective. Guido showed me a new capability to view as if looking through his eyes. During our conversation, he showed me portions of the inside of his house, the people living with him, their physical builds and approximate age. All of these things were confirmed during my visit a short time later. The images that came to me appeared in my mind’s eye as I connected with this little dog. I was a little confused at first until I realized that all the scenes I was seeing were from a point of view about a foot off the floor — just his height! But there is more. Guido also had a unique way of seeing his world.  Read more >>>

The Story of Bonnie
by Bruce Butcher

Bonnie, one of my first clients, was a Golden Retriever who had developed a very fast-growing cancer on her front ankle. Her person, Sheila, called me for a Reiki healing on the ankle tumor. The Veterinarian had recommended amputation of the leg at the shoulder. Sheila wanted to try everything before letting the vet take the leg, but time was running out. I settled in on the living room floor and opened myself to pass the healing energy through for Bonnie.
I sat quietly on the floor with the dog saying nothing. A few minutes had passed when Sheila began talking to her boyfriend seated next to her. She was wondering what she could do, or should do, to help Bonnie. Suddenly a voice in my head said, “Just love me.” I thought to myself, “How am I going to tell these people that the dog is answering their questions?”   Read more >>>