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Why?     Because we love themeagle-lgeagle-small

We carry the impact of our animals with us always.  Their caring is without condition.  It is this caring, this heart-centered connection, that makes an animal available to us.  It is the physical connection through which my communication takes place.

Animals who have passed also remain alive in our hearts, in our memories, and in the Universe. Their energy never dies; nor does their essence and love – these are available to us eternally. I regularly connect to those who have passed to help you bring closure and peace of mind to their passing and to your life.

How?     Professional Animal Communication

Using the name of your animal a direct, telepathic link is established for the purpose of exploring issues relevant to the animal and/or their caretakers. One need not be present with the animal to establish this connection or to seek their perspective on important aspects of their life situation. The session is directed according to the needs as defined by the animal, and by the questions from their caretakers.

Who?     Bruce Butcher

As a Professional Animal Communicator, Bruce Butcher has worked with all species of animals, in domestic, captive and wild settings. It is his mission to bring the love, compassion and clarity necessary to create a better understanding between you and your animal.

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